Home Education

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Home Education is legal…..

Homeschooling is legal is all provinces and territories in Canada. Regulations vary from province to province.  Most people refer to home education as homeschooling. Homeschooling is instructing your children at home or providing your children with the tools to learn at home. It is about giving personal attention to your children and allowing them to learn at their own pace. Home Education gives you the freedom to choose your children’s educational path through to the end of high school.

Families enjoy learning together or homeschool students have the option of pursuing their own interests, whether this is through book learning, volunteering, taking classes, apprenticeships, etc.

Children with special needs or health issues often thrive in a homeschool environment. Sometimes families will homeschool because they are involved in athletics. They may be living abroad or in an isolated location.  Others have chosen homeschooling for religious reasons or were dissatisfied with the school system.

Homeschooling is giving your children the best possible education. It is a legal education alternative in Canada.  We recommend and encourage membership with the Home School Legal Defence Association of Canada before you embark on your Homeschooling journey.