Curriculum and Resources

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Availability of resources and curriculum has grown exponentially throughout the years. There are many  things to consider when making a choice about which curriculum to use. Take into account the learning style of your child.  Some websites offer free explanations and assessments for homeschoolers. is  a great place to start.  Once you have determined the learning style of your child, you then need to decide if you would like to use a “boxed”curriculum or branch out and use several resources from many places which we refer to as being eclectic.

While deciding which curriculum you might be interested in using check out Cathy Duffy.  Cathy reviews many, many, curriculums by subject and her reviews are valued by all homeschooling families.

There are several curriculum suppliers in Canada and the United States:

Tree of Life

Tree of Life ,who are located in New Brunswick,  have supported the CHENL conference for several years.  They are very helpful with their extensive knowledge on curriculum options and also with their own online services.

Canadian Home Education Resources who are based out of Calgary, have endless access to resources for the home educating family.  Their website is also full of great information for all homeschoolers whether you are just beginning your journey or have been “on the road” for many years.

There are several other suppliers:

Christian Books

Amazon Canada


A Beka Book

Most homeschoolers also join social media groups in which the sharing of information proves to be the best way for most  to make curriculum choices.  You will also become part of a community of like-minded people on a similar journey.